Verified Expertise

In many areas, certification leads to the implementation and development of quality standards, verifying and documenting them for the outside world. Especially with regard to animal feed, external auditing by relevent independent certification bodies has become standard procedure to guarantee quality products and services.



The production of "responsible" food includes the provision of safe feed. In addition to the Feed Hygiene Ordinance, certification according to GMP+ is an instrument specially designed to meet the requirements for production, storage and trade. This includes protection against contamination and the safe, rapid traceability of products. Since ISO-9001, HACCP, limits for feed safety and basic conditions have now been integrated, among other things, GMP+ FSA represents a comprehensive approach and certification is and will become a standard in more and more countries.

jbs joined this system in 2006 and is subject to annual auditing by an independent approved certification body.

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Food Responsibility Assurance

This certificate shows that the company is responsible for people and the environment.

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To meet the demand for non-GM feed, GMP+ has implemented the GMP+ MI105 standard and VLOG recognises it. It is required that the entire production chain, and thus also feed used, is labelled as non-GM. A certification according to "GMO-controlled" entitles jbs to supply livestock farmers with feed that produce food without genetic engineering.


VLOG verified

The VLOG seal is awarded by the association "ohne Gentechnik". Feed manufacturers who refrain from using genetically modified organisms are certified. If the audit is successful, the products may bear the VLOG seal.

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In the QS system, not only feed businesses but food businesses as well may obtain a certification – which is meant to ensure that the whole chain from livestock to table meets quality criteria. The audit takes place every two years. QS and GMP+ have mutually acknowledged each other, provided that the companies participating in the QS system carry out an annual audit; and that companies participating in GMP+ register in the QS database.

Dealerships like jbs which offer their goods exclusively in bags respectively as packaged goods, are excluded from their certification obligations under QS. Nevertheless, we have applied for the registration in order to ensure that you and your auditor will be able to find us in the QS database as a dealership certified under GMP+.

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Farms that are managed according to organic farming regulations may only use eco-certified feeds. jbs as well as the manufacturer of our mineral feed for cattle has been certified by the organic certification agency ABCert. In order to obtain this certification, the production, storage and composition of the products is examined annually to confirm compliance with the regulations on organic farming. When the number of the organic certification agency DE-ÖKO-006 is displayed on the product label, it identifies a product suitable for organic farming. This eco-certification applies to animal feed only. Silage additives as well as supplies like bedding additives are examined by FiBL Germany and recorded on a list of official supplies.

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German DLG offers companies a review of their products, and publishes the test results on their website According to the type of product, DLG has developed testing methods for technology, supplies and animal feed.

jbs’s supplies and animal feed products are reviewed and certified annually in order to ensure a consistent level of quality.

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The German Society of Veterinary Medicine, (DVG), examines disinfectants (among others), under strict guidelines; and assures easy accessibility for all users to a list of products approved for food industry and livestock breeding by publishing it on their website. This list states the required temperature, storage time, and concentration for effectiveness; as well as the trade names of the respective products. You will find Halamid on the list approved for livestock breeding.

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Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis is the most commonly diagnosed virus causing respiratory disease in cattle. The manufacture of mymom® start uses only IBR-free dairy components. The manufacturer has supplied us with a corresponding declaration.

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