vario cool

keeps the lactic acid forming bacteria fit and active

At a glance

  • keeps the lactic acid forming bacteria fit and active
  • includes extensive equipment
  • suitable for application rates between 40 ml/t and up to 210 ml/t
The vario cool package includes:
  • electric control unit (incl. connection for power supply)
  • pick-up sensor (incl. equipment)
  • 12-Volt immersion pump (incl. 5 metre hose)
  • insulated tank (incl. tension belts to fix the tank on the harvester)
  • bag filter
  • flow meter (incl. hose clamps)
  • single nozzle carrier (incl. bayonet nut and check valve)
  • nozzles: metal and blue plastic (yellow plastic available on request)
  • cool box (including thermal packs, wire whisk and mixing ball)

Biological silage additives can only work if the bacteria reach the forage in a fit and active state!

  • Keep mixing and application as close together as possible.
  • Cold water reduces the bacteria‘s activity and ensures that the sugar contained in the carrier will last longer.
  • Tanks integrated into the harvester may heat up due to the heat of the motor, thus reducing the product‘s effectiveness.

The solution

  • vario cool is a new application concept which ensures the lactic acid bacteria‘s longevity.
  • Storing the pouches / bottles in a cool box protects the silage additive from heat, as does the insulated tank with thermal packs.
  • A small mixing ball swirling inside the tank ensures that no solution settles on the bottom.
  • A sturdy wire whisk and an application schedule complete the set.

Installation menual

Install the control unit between pump and power supply. The control unit switches the pump on and off and controls the flow rate. It should be installed in the driver‘s cab (use the magnet on the back of the unit to attach it).

Voltages above 12 V may damage the unit!

The pick-up sensor ensures that the application is interrupted as soon as the pick-up is lifted (if the harvester turns or drives on a road).

Includes 3 metre hose, 3 magnets, screws, flat plugs and flat bar (300 mm) for installation.

The magnetic pick-up switch goes on the „left“ pick-up connection which supplies power if the magnet makes contact (pump switched on). It will take about 5 seconds for the flow rate to adjust as the pump is powered directly and the flow rate will „shoot“ upwards first.

The „right“ power connection should be in an easily accessible position, as it is needed for the „bridge“ – meaning the included cap. The connection delivers continuous current (pump is permanently switched on). The pick-up sensor will not work if the bridge is installed, as the bridge supplies continuous current.

In a nutshell:

  • magnet = power supply (if pick-up is lowered) = pump is switched on
  • cap = bridge = bypassing the pick-up sensor = continuous pumping
  • it might make sense to install a fuse between power supply and control unit (e. g. between battery and power supply)

The 12-Volt immersion pump is to be connected to the control unit. The pump has a forced ventilation and cannot run dry (10 - 15 min).

As mechanical force may break the hose-vent connection, it should be handled with care. Make sure that the pump reaches the bottom of the tank. Do not apply tensile strain to the power cable connected to the pump as otherwise, the sealing gasket between pump and motor may be pulled out thus enabling water to penetrate the motor. On installation, mind the correct polarity of the cables, as otherwise, the pump will not draw in the silage additive. (5 metre hose included in the scope of delivery)

The insulated tank holds 19 litres, its lid is secured with elastic loops. It is individually installed on the harvester.

Throw the mixing ball into the tank. The constant movement of the harvester will swirl the ball in the solution, thus ensuring continuous mixing.

The pipe filter ensures blockage-free operation of flow meter and nozzles and should regularly be opened for cleaning (rinse with cold water).

The flow meter comes with a display range of 2.5 - 25 l/h. If possible, use hose clips to fix flow meter in uninterrupted sight of driver. In any case, the flow meter needs to be installed vertically (upright). We recommend calibrating the applicator once more after the installation in order to be able to adjust the application if necessary.

The bayonet nut on the nozzle carrier allows rapid changing from the nozzles. An integrated non-return valve keeps the applicator from dripping. When operating the pump for the first time, open the non-return valve for airing.


  • metal (for application rates between 4 and 8 l/h)
  • blue plastic (for application rates between 8 and 17 l/h)

The thermal packs in the vario cool box keep the silage additive fresh. You might want to throw one of the thermal packs into the tank after mixing the silage additive solution.

In order to avoid jamming of the individual components and to prevent the formation of a biofilm (slime layer containing bacteria, funghi and viruses), clean with cold water after usage!

Usage instructions


On the eve of harvesting, put both thermal packs in the freezer along with the silage additive pouches (freeze for at least 12 hours).


Before starting to chop, mix silage additive with cold water (e. g. directly in the insulated tank or a seperate container).

Add mixing ball and a thermal pack to the tank.

Fill to the necessary amount of water.

Close the tank lid and secure with elastic loops, attach tank to harvester and you’re set!


If required, put the remaining silage additive pouches, the second thermal pack and the wire whisk into the vario cool box and take along to the field for later use (don’t forget a canister of water).


The second thermal pack in the vario cool box will keep the remaining pouches cool until they are needed.

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