vario cool e & r

for a successful fermentation – safe and easy

At a glance

  • keeps the lactic acid forming bacteria fit and active
  • includes extensive equipment
  • suitable for application rates between 30 ml/t and up to 210 ml/t
vario cool includes:
  • electric control unit
  • pick-up sensor
  • 12-Volt immersion pump
  • insulated tank, mixing ball
  • bag filter
  • flow meter
  • nozzles: metal and plastic
  • cool box, thermal packs, wire whisk
  • detailed instructions

vario cool e

  • single nozzle carrier

vario cool r

  • nozzle bar for balers / forage wagons

Silage additive application made easy: vario system

  • simple technology for choppers, forage wagons and balers
  • easy to assemble
  • flow rate continuously adjustable via potentiometer
  • flow metre displays litre capacity per hour
  • pick-up sensor with switch ensures pinpoint application
  • different nozzles for different dosages
  • fast delivery of spare parts

Lactic acid bacteria are living organisms!

vario cool
Biological silage additives can only work if the bacteria reach the forage in a fit and active state!
  • Keep mixing and application as close together as possible.
  • Tanks integrated into the harvester may heat up due to the heat of the motor, thus reducing the product‘s effectiveness.
  • vario cool is a new application concept which ensures the lactic acid bacteria‘s viability. Cold water reduces the bacteria‘s activity and ensures that the sugar contained in the carrier will last longer.

vario cool set

vario cool Set: cool box, thermal packs, wire whisk, mixing ball
Insulated tank

The insulated tank protects the lactic acid bacteria from heat. It holds 19 litres, its lid is secured with elastic loops. It is individually installed on the harvester.

Mixing ball

Throw the mixing ball into the tank. The constant movement of the harvester will swirl the ball in the solution, thus ensuring continuous mixing.

vario cool box incl. 2 thermal packs

Our vario cool box includes two thermal packs to ensure that the silage additive pouches / bottles can be transported well-cooled – mix the silage additive solution freshly on site later in the day to refill the tank. You might want to throw one of the thermal packs into the tank after mixing the silage additive solution.

A wire whisk and an application schedule

complete the set.

Schematic diagram

vario sets

Choose your desired set! If required, additional components are also available (prices on request).

vario cool e

vario cool r

single nozzle carrier nozzle bar

single nozzle carrier (incl. nozzles)


nozzle bar (incl. nozzles)


vario cool Basiszubehör

immersion pump (12 V), electric control unit, flow meter,
pipe filter, pick-up sensor, vario cool set

Our inexpensive alternative:

vario basic

immersion pump (12 V), manual power switch, pipe filter, flow meter, single nozzle carrier (incl. nozzles)