Stretch wrapping the finished bales

Stretch wrap

Stretch wrap is wafer-thin and tends to be used in adverse conditions (high temperatures, intractable forages, or if bales are ejected ruggedly). Nevertheless, the stretch film assumes the most important role in the preservation of your bale silage. Provided your bales are adequately stored (i. e. protected from rodents, birds, cats ...), the stretch film needs to protect your bales for at least 12 months from oxygen exposure and adverse weather conditions – sometimes even longer.

DUO Clean Silent®

agricultural stretch film in a class of its own

  • guaranteed real running length and real thickness 25 resp. 22 μ
  • optimum adhesion without adhesive
  • excellent for wrapping round and square bales on all common wrapping machines
  • certified 100 % food safe and environmentally friendly: completely made of polyethylene without harmful foreign substances, produced in Germany, 100 % recyclable
  • highest yield – can be pre-stretched up to more than 90 %
  • 15 months UV-stable (Northern and Central Europe)
  • 7 layer technology
  • low-noise rolling behaviour 
  • very high puncture resistance
  • best adhesion – perfectly sealed film layers and tight bales
  • no adhesive deposits on the rollers on the wrapping machine
  • best colouring
  • easy handling of the bales due to very smooth outer surface
  • excellent for wrapping round and square bales on all common wrapping machines
  • core sealed to be moisture resistant
Technical specifications
DUO Clean Silent® 500 750 750 XL
500 mm 750 mm
1.800 m 1.500 m 1.900 m
25 µ 22 µ
počet rolí na paletě
36 30 24


DUO Plus Compact

the all-rounder with a plus in quality and safety

  • superbly well suited for the winding of round and square bales on all commonly used winding devices
  • extremely high tear and puncture resistance and can be used with heavy silage materials and under extreme weather conditions
  • optimum yield − can be pre-expanded by more than 90 %
  • optimum adhesive force – perfectly sealed film layers and dense bales
  • optimum oxygen barrier – excellent silage quality
  • easy handling of bales thanks to smooth outer side
  • quiet rolling characteristics – can also be used in residential areas without any problem
  • best colouration and opacity of film
  • no adhesive deposits on the rollers on the winding device
  • food-safe and extremely robust: made entirely of polyethylene without noxious pollutants, 100 % suitable for recycling

harvest INTERNATIONAL® wickelfolie

stretch wrap – tried and tested premium quality

  • 7 layers blow film
  • guaranteed runnage
  • excellent tensile strength and puncture resistance
  • allows for a high pre-stretching ratio of up to 80 % (up to 70 % recommended)
  • extraordinary adhesion and perfectly sealed bales
  • perfectly suited for wrapping round and square bales on all popular bale wrappers
  • UV-resistant: 12 months (Northern and Central Europe)
  • excellent adhesiveness
  • best colouring and opacity of the film
  • suitable for all popular bale wrappers
  • efficient plastic core
Technical specifications
harvest INTERNATIONAL® wickelfolie 500 750
500 mm 750 mm
Länge (Wir garantieren Echtlauflänge)
length (real runnage guaranteed)
długość (gwarantowana rzeczywista długość)
délka (garantujeme délku návinu)
lengte (wij garanderen reële looplengte)
1800 m 1500 m
25 μ 25 μ

standard stretch wrap

our lowest price product – solid stretch wrap at an attractive price

  • available in two widths: 500er and 750er
  • eco green
  • UV stability: 12 months
Technical specifications
Typ Wickelfolie 500 750
Breite (gefertigt nach DIN 14 932, +0/-3 %)
width (manufactured according to DIN)
szerokość (wyprodukowano zgodnie z DIN)
šířka (vyrobený podle normy DIN)
breedte (vervaardigd naar DIN)
500 mm 750 mm
Länge (gefertigt nach DIN 14 932, +0/-6 %)
length (manufactured according to DIN)
długość (wyprodukowano zgodnie z DIN)
délka (vyrobený podle normy DIN)
lengte (vervaardigd naar DIN)
1800 m 1500 m
Dicke (gefertigt nach DIN 14 932, +0/-10 %)
thickness (manufactured according to DIN)
grubość (wyprodukowano zgodnie z DIN)
tloušťka (vyrobený podle normy DIN)
dikte (vervaardigd naar DIN)
25 μ 25 μ
Rollengewicht (Kern und Folie, +0/-15 %)
roll weight (core and foil)
waga rolki (rdzeń i folia)
hmotnost role (dutinka a fólie)
rolgewicht (kern en folie)
22,05 kg 27,88 kg

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