Belt system for a fast and easy installation of oxygen barriers

At a glance

  • easy handling
  • no risk of damaging the film
  • for a better sealing and secure air barriers
  • suitable for all silage gravel bags with handles

silo-safeline secures your silage optimally and makes it easier to work with gravel bags.


  • easy handling
  • securely fixes the silage film in position with a minimum amount of effort
  • drastically reduces time and efforts needed compared to tires – both when installing the barrier and when covering the silo


  • no more pieces of wire from old tires in your forage
  • no risk of damaging the film, as the belts are extremely tear-resistant and the edges of the stainless steel plates are rounded
  • ensure that the belts have no direct conctact with the ground to provide best-possible sealing – for a safe air barrier, even after the silo is opened
  • ensures that the gravel bags are safely fixed on the silo – even on the slopes


  • individually adaptable
  • fits any silo
  • suitable for all silage gravel bags with handles

How to use it


Install silo-safeline on the silo, keeping it approximately 150 cm from the ground, if you are using a 120 cm silage gravel bag (e. g. harvest INTERNATIONAL® silosack).
Shorten silo-safeline to the appropriate size and heat-seal the edges (using a lighter).


Attach stainless steel plate to the lowermost handle of the silo-safeline and fix it with a cable tie (included).


Fix another stainless steel plate to every third handle of the belt. If you‘re using a different size of silage gravel bags, adjust the distance between the stainless steel plates accordingly.

Please note:
Attach enough stainless steel plates to the silo-safeline to ensure that the uppermost gravel bag hooked into a plate rests approximately 1 metre away from the summit, on top of the silo.


Hook the silage gravel bags into the upper stainless steel plates on both sides of the silo.

Then attach the other silage gravel bags accordingly until you have hooked a gravel bag to all the stainless steel plates previously attached to the belt.


Put additional silage gravel bags onto the silo-safeline on the upper part of the silo to further fix the coverage.


In order to protect your silo as well as possible, we recommend putting another gravel bag on both the left and right side of the lowermost gravelbag to keep up the pressure despite the slopes.

As perfect addition to our silo-safeline, use our harvest INTERNATIONAL® siloschutzgitter – silage protection net and harvest INTERNATIONAL® silosack – silage gravel bags.

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