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High-quality silage provides the basis for successful feeding – but it's not just the forage’s nutritional value that plays a key role. Our silage additives help preserve valuable nutrients and improve both the silage's palatability and digestibility. Silage film with a high oxygen impermeability protects the silage from harmful exposure to oxygen. Use silage protection nets to protect your silage film from outside influences. Oxygen barriers minimize the amount of oxygen getting into the silage after opening – for the best result apply evenly spaced barrier protection belts.

The best way to protect your silage!

optimal silage
Silage additives
1 – harvest INTERNATIONAL® duo s / plus / pH
1-film system: barrier film 2-film systems: cling film and top sheet
2 OXY MAX 3 – silotwin® barriere – top sheet and barrier cling film on one roll 4 – barrierefilm
5 – trilen® 150 UV18
Silage protection premium quality Silage protection solid standard quality
6 OXY Protecextra strong premium fleece 7 – harvest INTERNATIONAL® siloschutzgitter – silage protection net
8 – silo-safeline – belt system / jbs barriereschlauch – barrier protection belt filled with silage gravel bags
9 – harvest INTERNATIONAL® seitenwandfolie – side wall sheets