Optimum protection against outside influences

Silage protection

OXY Protec, silo-safeline, jbs barriereschlauch
The best silage deserves optimum protection!

Our products provide best possible protection:

  • OXY Protec® – extra strong premium fleece
  • silo-safeline – belt system or jbs barriereschlauch – barrier protection belt, placed at 2.5 - 5 m intervals

Silage gravel bags in various lengths, adhesive film tape for small repairs, side wall sheets and silo varnish complete our product range.

OXY Protec®

Extra strong premium fleece

  • extra thick material
  • better protection against damage
  • handy size: 6 x 12.5 m
  • easy contact with velcro tape
  • variable system, can be adapted to any silo size
  • gentle to the film
  • reusable
  • UV stability 5 years

harvest INTERNATIONAL® siloschutz­gitter

silage protection net

  • 220 g/m²
  • green
  • 7 years UV stable (North and Central Europe)
  • contains handles for easy handling
  • carefully seamed at the edges
  • label of size sewn into all 4 corners


belt system for a fast and easy installation of oxygen barriers

  • easy handling
  • no risk of damaging the film
  • for a better sealing and secure oxygen barriers
  • suitable for all silage gravel bags with handles
  • 100 m belt, incl. 100 cable ties
  • stainless steel plates can easily be ordered separately (pack of 25)

jbs barriereschlauch

extremely durable HDPE belt (silage gravel bags not included)

  • 50 m per roll
  • openings every 2 metres, for all common types of silage gravel bags
  • guaranteed UV-resistance: 7 years

harvest INTERNATIONAL® silosack

silage gravel bags

  • tie cord is woven into the fabric
  • handles are incorporated into the fabric
  • sturdy selvedge
  • solid, high quality monofilament fabric
  • 7 years UV stable (North and Central Europe)

harvest INTERNATIONAL® seitenwand­folie

side wall sheets

  • prevents oxygen and moisture from getting in between the wall and silage
  • protects the wall from silage acids
  • no dead-time – can be used at short notice, whatever the weather is like
  • perfectly hygienic
  • easy to dispose of

harvest INTERNATIONAL® silolack

silo varnish

  • contains high vacuum bitumen (HVB)
  • ring and ball softening point: 100 °C
  • the solvent is purified and phenol-free
  • no contamination of the forage with coating residues (as it will not stick to the varnish)
  • provides a non-sticky surface
  • resistant to forage acids
  • food-safe, therefore suitable for drinking water reservoirs
  • consumption: approx. 1 litre per 5 m² for two coatings

harvest INTERNATIONAL® folienklebeband

adhesive film tape

  • for repairing damages to silage bales or silage film
  • available in white, light green and black

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