As oxygen-tight as possible

Silage film

Using a silage film that makes the silage as oxygen-tight as possible is – next to a high compression – one of the cornerstones of high-quality silage. A new generation of silage film provides truly oxygen-tight coverage.

Our silage film OXY MAX offers maximum performance – with minimal use of material. With the 2-in-1 barrier film silotwin® barriere, an extreme oxygen barrier is quickly installed in just one work step. barrierefilm is ideal for getting started with the barrier topic, harvest INTERNATIONAL® stands for high-quality oxygen barrier and silage film.


barrier silage film for top feed

  • oxygen barrier film, 90 μ thick
  • blue-white
  • extremely oxygen-tight 0 - 2 cm³/m²/24 h
  • very puncture and tear resistant
  • available up to 64 m width, up to 16 m without welds
  • can be used without cling film
  • low weight, easy handling
  • environmentally friendly, completely recyclable


due to less plastic
with more oxygen density

Available sizes
m 35 50 75 150 225
6 X X X X  
7 X X X X  
8 X X X X  
9 X X X X  
10 X X X X  
12     X   X
14     X   X
16     X   X
18     X   X
20     X   X
22     X   X
24     X   X
26     X   X
28     X   X
30     X   X
32     X   X
36       X  
40       X  
44       X  
48       X  
52       X  
64       X  


oxygen barrier film

  • very low oxygen permeability: 0 - 9 cm³/m²/24 h
  • reduces amount of spoiled silage
  • reduces losses from both the top and sides
  • reduces dry matter losses
  • saves time and effort
  • improves feed quality
  • reduces waste disposal costs
  • available up to a width of 20 m
  • colour: green or black

harvest INTERNATIONAL® barrierefolie

oxygen barrier film – high-quality film, 80 µ

  • extremely oxygen-tight!
  • high-quality barrier film, 80 µ, black / white
  • elasticity: lengthwise 750 %, crosswise 800 % (ASTM D882)
  • oxygen permeability: 0 - 5 cm³/m²/24 h (DIN 53380)
    The combination of the different high-quality plastic layers, as well as the internal barrier layer, ensure an extremely high oxygen impermeability!
  • easy to handle due to low weight
  • environmentally friendly, fully recyclable
  • 12 months UV-resistance

trilen® 150 UV18

high-quality-PE-silage film

  • triple-layered coex-silage film
  • increased UV-stability: guaranteed UV-resistance of 18 months
  • excellent mechanical impedance defined by dart drop values and other technical parameters
  • large assortment of different sizes on stock at all times
Available sizes
trilen® 150 UV18
m 50 150 300
6 X    
7 X    
8 X X X
9 X *    
10 X X X
12 X X X
14 X X X
16 X X X
18 X X X
20     X

* Größe nur als trilen® 150 UV18 verfügbar
   size only available as trilen® 150 UV18
   rozmiary dostępne tylko dla folii trilen® 150 UV18
   velikost dostupná pouze jako trilen® 150 UV18

silotwin® barriere

top sheet and barrier cling film on one roll

  • 140 µ for optimum protection
  • extreme oxygen barrier film (0 - 3 cm³/m²/24 h)
  • significantly less mould and yeasts
  • no welds
  • easy handling (only one working step)
  • adapts perfectly to the silo surface
  • top sheet black-green (green is up)
  • installation instructions on each roll
  • elastic and durable

harvest INTERNATIONAL® unterzug­folie

cling film – stability after opening

  • transparent
  • three-layer PE film
  • adapts perfectly to the silo’s uneven texture
  • reduces oxygen permeation after opening

jbs abroller

film unwinder

If you buy a jumbo roll (at least 150 m or longer), we will supply one of these devices on loan, at no extra charge:

  • film unwinder for widths up to 14 m
  • film unwinder for widths between 16 and 27 m

jbs abrollanhänger

trailer plus film unwinder – for easy transport, unwinding and cutting of silage film

  • suitable for up to 3 film rolls
  • maximum trailer payload: 500 kg
  • 350 cm long, 195 cm wide, 130 cm high

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