Protecting nutrients

Silage additives

High performance at a reasonable cost is only possible if the silage is of highest quality. The decisive factor here is not just the silage's NEL content but also the quality of further nutrients (carotenoids, vitamins, amino acids, carbohydrates). Palatability, digestibility and storage stability are equally important.

When selecting the strains of lactic acid bacteria for an additive, the main focus must be on their efficiency and predominance over naturally occurring microorganisms. The less sugar expended on the transformation of fermentation acids, the more will remain in the silage. All the strains used in harvest INTERNATIONAL® silage additives are produced without genetic modification.

harvest INTERNATIONAL® duo s

silage additive – fermentation and stability after opening

  • fast and efficient pH reduction
  • reduces dry matter losses
  • increases contents of both lactic and acetic acid
  • extended aerobic stability
  • suitable for grass, grass-clover, corn and WPS from 30 % DM
  • 200 g treat 100 tonnes of forage

DE-ÖKO-006, FiBL-listed

may be used in organic production in
accordance with Regulation (EC) 2018/848

harvest INTERNATIONAL® plus

silage additive – area of focus: stability

  • DLG category 2, improves the aerobic stability
  • increases contents of both lactic and acetic acid
  • efficient fermentation
  • reduces dry matter losses
  • suitable for grass, maize and whole plant silages from 30 % DM
  • 100 g treat 100 tonnes of forage or 500 g treat 500 tonnes of forage


silage additive – area of focus: fermentation

  • DLG category 1 b: improves the fermentation of moderately difficult to ensile forage
  • DLG category 4 a: improves feed intake, 4 b: improves the animals’ performance, 4 c: improves the milk yield
  • fast and efficient pH reduction
  • reduces dry matter losses
  • increases digestibility and feed intake
  • suitable for all types of forages
  • 75 g treat 50 tonnes of forage or 450 g treat 300 tonnes of forage

vario pro

applicator unit for forage harvesters, loader wagons and balers

  • simple and reliable silage success
  • suitable for many machines
  • simple self-assembly
  • dosing quantity 2 - 40 l/h
  • cooling tank for fit bacteria
  • includes accessory set consisting of cool box (19 litres), mix ball, cool packs and whisk
  • detailed instructions with dosing table

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