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Due to progress in breeding, the litters per sow are getting bigger and bigger, and the chances of survival for weaker piglets decline. Therefore it is important pay special attention to piglet rearing, as the course for its future development is set in the early days of a piglet’s life. We offer an interesting assortment of products from farrowing to weaning.

jbs ferkelpaste® fe

necessary iron for first care

  • ensures the iron supply
  • vitamins A, D3 and E
  • highly effective probiotics
  • supports digestion
  • simple application (oral)

jbs ferkelpaste® imuvit

life saver for weak piglets

  • with immunoglobulins
  • spans immune gaps
  • secures vitamin supply
  • highly effective probiotics
  • supports digestion
  • simple application (oral)

jbs fermos direkt

digestion stabilizing piglet paste

  • essential oils
  • contains tannins, which form a protective coating on the intestinal mucosa
  • easy to use

jbs prestarter

supplementary feed for suckling piglets

  • easily digestible grain and protein components
  • optimal amino acid composition
  • digestion-enhancing pro- and prebiotics
  • mycotoxin-binding bentonite (aflatoxin B1)
  • zinc is particularly readily available
  • high energy content
  • trace elements and vitamins readily available
  • very palatable
  • facilitates the change to solid feed

jbs schweinehefe

highly concentrated, probiotic live yeast

  • stabilises the intestinal flora
  • improves colostrum quantity and quality
  • prevents constipation
  • mycotoxin binder
  • organically bound minerals

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