orgacell sc® start

providing energy and live yeast to get the cow back into shape after calving

At a glance

  • readily available energy
  • stimulates feed intake
  • supports liver function and immune system
  • vitamin D3 supports calcium-phosphor-metabolism
  • GMO free
orgacell sc® start – customers’ opinions

„It’s a great product, my cows started feeding immediately.“

„The product saves a work step as I can administer energy and rumen stimulant at the same time.“

„My cows liked it and simply were a lot fitter.“

„At first, they were a little hesitant but then they tried it and were visibly well.“

„The product created a real “wow” effect in cases of milk fever and poor feed intake, great mobilization!“

orgacell sc® start gives your cows a boost

There are a lot of different reasons for a cow’s metabolism to get out of balance. In most cases, the cow will react to this imbalance by reducing feed intake. Starting with the biggest physical “incident” of giving birth, especially during early lactation there is the risk of health disorders like milk fever, ketose or acidosis. Disfunctions in this early phase generally have a negative effect all throughout lactation. However, as lactation proceeds, disorders like e. g. abomasal displacements, infections or lameness will result in a reduced feed intake, an inferior general condition and subsequent reduced performance.

orgacell sc® start provides the cow with readily available energy combined with a rumen stimulant and crucial vitamins. In order to provide a good start into a successful lactation, it makes a lot of sense to administer it to each cow directly after calving. In addition, orgacell sc® start may be applied as support measure in cases of sickness, in order to speed up feed intake after veterinary treatment.


orgacell sc® start contains propylene-glycol and grape sugar, thus providing the animal with two energy components that are quickly absorbed into the blood stream. Cows whose amount of body fat has increased at the end of lactation (BCS (= Body Condition Scoring): 4 - 5) tend to increase mobilization of fat reserves after calving. This mechanism may be moderated by administering readily available energy during the first days after calving. In this case, however, orgacell sc® start should be applied on 3 - 4 consecutive days after calving.

A rapid and high feed intake after calving provides a crucial contribution to animal health

orgacell sc® start contains the following components to support rumen, liver and immune system:

Rumen function – feed intake

  • live yeasts
  • sodium bicarbonate
  • grape sugar

Energy metabolism – liver protection

  • propylene glycol
  • grape sugar
  • nicotinamide

Immune system – calcium-phosphor-metabolism

  • vitamins A and E
  • selenium
  • vitamin D3


orgacell sc® start is a powder and should be applied with 500 g per animal per day, in tepid water. Stir the powder into the water using a 20 - 25 litre bucket to ensure that orgacell sc® start disperses in water.

You can also apply orgacell sc® start in a plastic bottle – pour the powder into the bottle and add 1.5 to 2 litres of tepid water, then shake the mixture for a short time. Immobilize the cow’s head and pour it directly into its mouth. Application may be repeated once a day on the following days, according to need. Do not administer more than 500 g per cow per day.


10 sachets containing 500 g each
total amount: 5 kg

Store in a cool and dry place.


Our customers’ experiences have shown that the administration of orgacell sc® start right after calving provides the cows with a good start into a new lactation. The live yeasts included in the product stimulate the rumen thus inciting the cows to start feeding after just a short period of time. The cows are fit and healthy.

orgacell sc® start is also suitable to treat a poor general condition or to support the metabolism after veterinary treatment. It stimulates the cow’s feed intake, thus enabling it to regain its former good performance.

Drench bottle

Drench bottle for administering orgacell sc start safely
for administering orgacell sc® start safely

This convenient drench bottle ensures safe and optimum administration of 500 g of orgacell sc® start.

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