mymom® protect

paste stabilizing the digestion

At a glance

  • practical to use
  • 1 - 2 applications per calf
  • immediate effects
  • supports the intestinal health
  • normalizes inadequate faeces consistency and ensures milk intake
mymom® protect + mymom® profimix – bull calf

One farmer tested our new paste mymom® protect in an urgent case: He discovered a 4 days old bull calf with very runny faeces. Just one administration of mymom® protect was sufficient to straighten this little bull out; it drank 2 litres of water mixed with mymom® profimix as well as its next drink of milk. Calves accept mymom® profimix readily, even if they will reject the milk. Faeces consistency improved, the calf recovered. In this case, a second possible administration of mymom® protect paste wasn‘t even necessary. The calf required no tedious treatment, no keeping records of any medication and only minimum extra efforts were required – which was a crucial factor for the manager of this herd of just over 300 dairy cows.

Product description

At birth, calves have weathered the first major stress of their lives. Still, the first few weeks are critical for many of them, as their immune system is not completely functional yet and the environment keeps plenty of pathogens ready to attack. Increased fluid loss through diarrhoea brings every calf within a short time to its limits. Fast action is required, so we searched for a solution to support the calves.

With mymom® protect, you can usually turn the page at the first sign of inadequate faeces consistency combined with mild discomfort.

mymom® protect stabilizes digestion by using extracts of immunostimulatory yeast cell walls. The attachment of the pathogens to the yeast stops them from settling on the intestinal wall. Essential oils support this process.

Fit calves are not only more fun, they also need less work and effort! The more even the calf can develop, the higher the weight gain. Do not stand by and watch as the calf gets weaker, but act on time instead!

mymom® protect supports your calf when the most protection is needed.


  • yeast cell walls
  • sodium citrate
  • sodium chloride
  • essential oils


  • for calves up to maximum 4 months of age
  • 25 ml per animal per day
    1. administration (25 ml) when noticing an insufficient consistency of the faeces
    2. administration (25 ml) 3 days later if required
  • Use dosing ring to adjust the dosage on the applicator scale.

Storage / shelf life

  • close tightly after use
  • shelf life: 12 months from date of manufacture, if stored in a cool and dry place
mymom protect: cartridge


6 × 50 ml cartridges per box

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