silo varnish

At a glance

  • contains high vacuum bitumen (HVB)
  • ring and ball softening point: 100 °C
  • the solvent is purified and phenol-free
  • no contamination of the forage with coating residues (as it will not stick to the varnish)
  • provides a non-sticky surface
  • resistant to forage acids
  • food-safe, therefore suitable for drinking water reservoirs
  • consumption: approx. 1 litre per 5 m² for two coatings
  • apply evenly using paint brush/roller (drying time approx. 1 hour); use white spirit for cleaning, surface must be dry and clean
  • mix varnish with white spirit or universal thinner if you‘re using airless sprayers
  • spray test area to determine the right mixture resp. the nozzles and pressure required

available as 200 litre barrel or 30 litre bucket

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