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We are a member of Fachverband Biogas e. V.

With our biogas assortment, we aim to cover everything – from the substrates, to supporting and guiding microbiological processes in the manure, in the silage and later on in the fermenter, then up to the more efficient transformation of the utilized nutrients into methane. This "whole process approach" enables us to properly support you when it comes to efficiently optimising your biogas production.

We're happy to advise you on how to best enhance your fermenter's performance with our products.

jbs progas® ferm  b

silages additive, improves the silage’s stability

  • reduces DM losses that occur during fermentation
  • safeguards the silage‘s quality
  • efficient against harmful microorganisms such as bacteria, mould and yeasts
  • improves the stability after opening
  • suitable for grass and maize silages
  • silages treated with jbs progas® ferm b may be fed to animals

jbs progas® power ch

highly concentrated, complexed trace element mixtures

  • optimises the microbiological processes
  • better substrate use / saving of substrate
  • increases the methane content and increases the gas yield
  • increases combined heat and power plan (CHP) period of time
  • shortens the stirring times
  • reduces the risk of floating and sinking layers
  • supporting analysis by an accredited laboratory
  • TRGS 529 compliant
The two products
jbs progas®
power ch power p ch
20 l / 21.4 kg blue canister 60 x 10 kg fermentable bag
chelate-bound, TRGS 529 compliant powder with EDTA, TRGS 529 compliant
nickel 7000 mg/l
iron 1000 mg/l
manganese 500 mg/l
molybdenum 5000 mg/l
cobalt 4000 mg/l
selenium 1800 mg/l
nickel 800 mg/kg
iron 2500 mg/kg
manganese 600 mg/kg
molybdenum 560 mg/kg
cobalt 450 mg/kg
selenium 180 mg/kg
Example dosage, 500 kW:
300 - 500 ml/day 1 bag every 1 - 2 days

jbs progas® power ch is also available as a barrel or container.

jbs progas® e 2

enzyme additive for biogas plants, improves viscosity in the fermenter

  • optimizes microbiological processes
  • improves substrate exploitation / saves substrate
  • increases methane content and gas yield
  • reduces time and efforts needed for stirring and pumping
  • reduces the risk of swimming or floating layers
  • increases CHP running times
jbs progas® e 2
for mixed rations
add 30 - 60 ml/tonne of solids/day (without liquid manure) to your fermenter (e. g. using the solids dispenser)
25 kg = 21.45 liters
Storage and shelf life
shelf life of at least 1 year from date of manufacture if stored in a dry place at a minimum temperature of 1 °C up to a maximum temperature of 55 °C.