For square balers

Baler twine

For years, when advising our customers on baler twine, we have been focussing on an issue which we consider to be crucial as it can either cost or save a lot of money. So far, this issue hasn’t had enough attention: the actual length of the runnage!

The proper and unobstructed functioning of the twine – and consequently of your baler – is of fundamental importance. But in addition, you should by all means try to find out how many bales you can press with one package of twine, as there can be considerable differences in the actual lenth of twine on each spool – even among twines of the same classification. Our staff would be happy to help you with further advice!

next level garn

baler twine – length of runnage guaranteed, optimization in small steps

  • length of runnage guaranteed
  • optimization in small steps – risk free
  • saves material and time
Technical specifications
next level garn EXTRA STRONG
(2 x 10,5 kg)
(2 x 9 kg)
(2 x 9 kg)
m/kg 100 110 120 130 140 150 160
Lauflänge pro Spule
length of runnage/spool
délka návinu/cívka
1050 m 1155 m 1260 m 1170 m 1260 m 1350 m 1440 m
Reißfestigkeit Garn +/- 5 %
tensile strength of twine
wytrzymałość (sznurek)
pevnost v tahu
scheurbesten­digheid touw
450 kg 422 kg 365 kg 339 kg 319 kg 288 kg 255 kg
im Knoten +/- 5 %
inside the knot
wytrzymałość (węzeł)
pevnost v tahu (v uzlu)
in de knoop
253 kg 230 kg 210 kg 195 kg 188 kg 178 kg 160 kg
303 kg 276 kg 252 kg 234 kg 225 kg 219 kg 207 kg

harvest INTERNATIONAL® bindegarn

baler twine – tried and tested premium quality

  • high standard baler twine
  • available for all large square balers
  • excellent tensile strength even inside the knot
  • guaranteed runnage
Technical specifications
harvest international® bindegarn 110 XL bicolor 130 XL 150 XL
guaranteed runnage/spool
długość gwarantowana/szpula
garantovaný návin/cívka
1.100 m 1.170 m 1.350 m

Standard baler twine

our lowest price product – reliable baler twine at an attractive price

  • suitable for round and square bales
  • package contains:
    Typ 130 18 kg (2 reels of 9 kg each)
    Typ 400 10 kg (2 reels of 5 kg each)
    Typ 750 10 kg (2 reels of 5 kg each)

Product properties may vary with each batch!

Technical specifications
Bindegarn Typ 130 Typ 400 Typ 750
Lauflänge (DIN EN ISO)
długość rzeczywista
130 m/kg 400 m/kg 750 m/kg
Reißfestigkeit Garn
tensile strength of baler twine
wytrzymałości sznurka na rozciąganie
pevnost v tahu
scheurbestendigheid touw
Reißfestigkeit im Knoten
tensile strength in the knot
wytrzymałość na rozdarcie węzła
pevnost v uzlu
scheurbestendigheid in de knoop

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