For safe storage

Bale protection

Safe storage of the harvest is the basic prerequisite for efficient utilization. Feed that is not stored optimally costs you three times over - the spoiled goods, the lost work and the feed bought later!

protec® PREMIUM VLIES 160

fleece for covering straw bales and grain

  • also for potatoes, sugar beet, compost etc.
  • protects from dirt, bird droppings and other environmental influences
  • fabric with 160 g/m² (on average)
  • tear and tension resistant
  • 5 years UV-stable at max. 110 kLy
  • made of high-strength PP staple fibers, without adhesives and chemical binders
  • offers no resistance to the wind, thus avoiding the classic „sailing“ effect
  • soft, cuddly roll fabric, easy to handle
  • breathable and water-repellent
  • color tone fits perfectly into the environment
  • Sizes available: 9.8 × 12.5 m, 9.8 × 25.0 m

harvest INTERNATIONAL® vlies

protective fleece for straw bales, potatoes, sugar beets, compost

  • high stability under mechanical strain
  • withstands high wind loads
  • UV resistant
  • protects against contamination or defilement (like bird droppings)
  • installation instructions included


belt system for a fast and easy installation of oxygen barriers

  • easy handling
  • no risk of damaging the film
  • for a better sealing and secure oxygen barriers
  • suitable for all silage gravel bags with handles
  • 100 m belt, incl. 100 cable ties
  • stainless steel plates can easily be ordered separately (pack of 25)

harvest INTERNATIONAL® siloschutz­gitter

silage protection net

  • 220 g/m²
  • green
  • 7 years UV stable (North and Central Europe)
  • contains handles for easy handling
  • carefully seamed at the edges
  • label of size sewn into all 4 corners

harvest INTERNATIONAL® folienklebeband

adhesive film tape

  • for repairing damages to silage bales or silage film
  • available in white, light green and black

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